Criminal Legal Insurance Designed for PCSU members…

Criminal legal insurance offers protection for PCS members who work closely with the public at a cost of only £7.60 a month including £0.79 insurance premium tax for 24 hour protection including on and off duty.

PCS Legal Assistance insurance will support your defence costs or support a claim you may want to bring against a third party for up to:

  • £750 for Crime-Pre Charge
  • £25,000 for Crime-Scottish Crime Cover
  • £100,000 for Crime-Crown Court
  • £50,000 for all other sections of cover

for legal advisers’ costs for certain types of legal action.

To apply for criminal legal insurance either complete this online application or call us on 0345 209 4465.

Why Choose Us…


Bespoke Product

An insurance product specially designed for PCSU members


Simple Process

Either sign up on line or give us a call on 0345 209 4465


Effective Cover

Protect against the costs of criminal proceedings or defence actions arising in connection with your employment


Monthly Direct Debit

Premiums are paid monthly via direct debit

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